EMaC managing director John O’Donnell has joined the Automotive 30% Club, which sees its members aim to fill at least 30% of key leadership positions with diverse women by 2030.

The Automotive 30% Club, founded in 2016, is a voluntary network of MDs and chief executives from UK based automotive manufacturers, retailers and suppliers.

The network was founded by Julia Muir, chief executive of Gaia Innovation, with the purpose of achieving a better gender balance within the automotive industry.

O’Donnell said: “The Automotive 30% club resonates with our values as a management team and a business. Julia has created an accessible and inspirational program with a clear direction of travel.

“We want to declare our support for the “30 by 30” strategy to encourage females in our business, community and industry to achieve their career ambitions.

“EMaC’s strategy leader will be Laura Cartwright, operations director, who is an ideal role model and excited to support our future stars.”

Muir contributed a guest opinion piece earlier this year for AM, where she explains how fixing car retail to allow women to feel safe and thrive has little to do with being ‘woke’ or ‘politically correct’.

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