Dealerships and the wider automotive industry are being urged to engage with World EV Day on September 9 to help highlight the role of electric vehicles in driving positive climate change.

Founded by Green.TV Media in 2020, the inaugural event was shared on social media to reached an audience of around two billion people around the world.

The event is hoping dealerships and the wider automotive industry will piggyback on the hashtag #WorldEVDay to help promote EVs across the UK and the world.

The event has partnered with the UK government’s Together for our Planet campaign, celebrating how people across the UK are going #onestepgreener to tackle climate change.

Ade Thomas, founder of Green.TV Media and of World EV Day, said: “Electric vehicles are accepted as a critical plank in reducing the world’s carbon emissions and in helping the drive towards transport net zero.

“The recent IPCC report underlines ‘code red for humanity’ if we do not take drastic measures to lighten the human impact on the planet immediately, and the COP26 talks in Glasgow in November will provide pressure on governments and organisations to take action.

“World EV Day is a catalyst for change, driving messages home via social media, consumed by billions of people daily, sparking conversations and challenging conventions. Green.TV Media is a strong believer in the power of conversations and connections to drive real change.”

Official EV emoji

Sustainable technology experts, ABB, have lent their support to World EV Day again this year as headline partner and are also collaborating on the EV Moji competition to create and gain official status for an emoji for electric vehicles.

Frank Muehlon, president of ABB’s e-mobility division, said: “It’s critical now more than ever to encourage more people to engage with e-mobility and for governments, the automotive industry and the entire supply chain to support sustainable transport solutions for all.

“Our headline partnership with Green.TV Media for World EV Day is part of our commitment to zero emission mobility, combining e-mobility with renewable energy generation.”

As well as headline partner ABB, this year’s World EV Day is supported by partners:

  • ALD Automotive
  • AutoTrader
  • BP
  • Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner
  • Climate Group
  • EY
  • Electrification Coalition
  • Leaders for Clean Air
  • LeasePlan
  • LinkedIn
  • Motability
  • Parker Lord
  • SSE Energy Solutions

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