OnAllCylinders Podcast (Ep. 12): Torque Converter Tech with Nelson Gill


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on September 20, 2021 at 4:07 pm

Did you know there are over 7,300 variables that go into choosing the right stall speed for your torque converter?

You don’t need to know all of them. That’s what Nelson Gill and his team at Boss Hog Torque Converters/ACC Performance are here for. 

Nelson and the Boss Hog crew are experts in all-things torque converters, whether it’s stall speed, converter size…or just the best way to build a torque converter. He does recommend that you have a basic understanding of how other vehicle factors effect stall speed selection, though. You’ll need to know your gearing, vehicle weight, camshaft operating range, and more. What’s more, it’s handy to understand how changes to your vehicle setup–things like cam upgrades, aftermarket headers, and performance cylinder heads–can change the optimal stall speed for your vehicle.

In our latest podcast episode, Nelson basically provides a stall speed 101 course and covers some of the torque converter lines from Boss Hog. This includes the Street Bandit torque converter, Night Stalker torque converter, Wild Boar Outlaw torque converter, and more.


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