Liberty Walk Tease Radical Body Kit For New Toyota Land Cruiser 300

The new Toyota Land Cruiser is proving to be a roaring success with waiting lists as long as two years in some countries.

Liberty Walk is better known for taking already dramatic-looking supercars to an outlandish looking level but now they seem to be offering something for the off-road market.

Joining kits for the Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Jimny is a new project aimed to take the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 to that over the top level we have come to know.

The custom body kit is still in development, but render images released by the tuner give us an idea of what the modified Land Cruiser will look like when it’s complete.

As you can see above and below, it is dramatically wider with the signature wide fenders. The kit also includes a new front spoiler lip combined with a new mesh grille to give the front end an even bolder look. At the back, a redesigned bumper incorporates a prominent diffuser and new exhaust tips. Even though they will serve no purpose at all, there is also a new rear wing and a trunk spoiler.

Wrapping up the modifications is a custom exposed carbon fibre hood and some monstrous wheels. The modifications are not subtle but subtlety has never been Liberty Walk’s specialty.

The basic kit will start from $6,270 which includes the wide fenders, front spoiler, rear bumper and diffuser and exhaust tips. If you want the full offering including the carbon hood and wheels, you will be in for $19,580.

Liberty Walk’s aftermarket kit for the new Land Cruiser will be available in January 2022, but some customers will need to wait even longer as Toyota is struggling to keep up with the demand and has delayed deliveries for the new Land Cruiser.

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