Last year, the world got a cheerful pick-me-up with the discovery that Scotland names its snowplows, and the names were superb. Since then, Minnesota has picked up on the idea, and now so has Indianapolis. According to local news station WIBC, the city’s department of public works announced the finalists for naming four new plow trucks, whittled down from over 600 submissions. You can see the names below in alphabetical order:

  • Blizzard Wizard
  • Buzz Iceclear
  • Eli Chilly
  • Larry Brrrrrrd
  • Peyton Melton
  • Reggie Chiller
  • Snowy Kanaan
  • Snow Mean City
  • The Salt in Our Stars
  • Will Plower

We’ll confess, these aren’t quite as clever and universally recognized as some of the names we’ve seen for Minnesota and Scotland plows. But your author is a born-and-raised Hoosier, so can appreciate the Indiana connections for many of them. Eli Chilly is named after the Eli Lily pharmaceutical company based in Indy. Will Plower and Snowy Kanaan are named after IndyCar drivers Will Power and Tony Kanaan. Reggie Chiller and Larry Brrrrrrd are named after Indiana basketball heroes Reggie Miller and Larry Bird.

I am disappointed that there aren’t other famed Hoosiers and Indy landmarks given the pun treatment on the list. There’s gotta be somebody who could work Bobby Knight or James Dean into a snow-related pun. Maybe something about the Speedway? How about Indianapolis Motor Sleetway?

Anyway, the city’s public works department is now letting people vote on their favorite names at this link. According to WIBC, the deadline is Sept. 3. The four top names will appear on the four new trucks.

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