For a few years now, many smartphones will open simply with a scan of our thumb or even just by looking at our faces. Genesis plans to bring those same simple-to-use biometric systems to its GV60 electric car. Yes, your key could just be you.

The completely new part of the Genesis GV60’s biometric system is the facial recognition system. A near-infrared camera on the B-pillar will scan your face, and if it’s in the system, it will unlock the car for you. No need for a key, PIN code (like on Ford products) or a separate wristband or fob (like on Jaguar Land Rover models). In particular, this could be handy for someone who wants to store things securely and not carry along a key, such as going swimming, running or some other outdoor activity. The system will store up to two faces, and the information is encrypted when stored and can be deleted by the user as needed or desired.

Genesis GV60 facial recognition scanner

The facial recognition system is also tied to other settings in the car. This way, when the car scans your face, it can automatically set your seat, mirrors, infotainment and head-up display to your preferred choices. It would definitely be handy for a car shared by a couple of people who have very different preferences. In this case, though, Genesis isn’t the first to combine this technology. Subaru offers similar functionality, with in-car facial recognition rather than one on the outside for unlocking.

Hypothetically, the GV60 could let you use your car completely free of any key, fob or even smartphone app. In addition to the facial recognition system, there’s a fingerprint reader that will allow you to start and operate the car, provided that your fingerprint matches what’s stored in the car. In some markets, Genesis already offers a fingerprint reader, and Hyundai has been playing with fingerprint scanner functionality since 2018 in the Chinese market.

It’s not clear if these features will be offered on U.S.-market Genesis GV60 cars. The fingerprint scanner isn’t offered on American Genesis models yet, so it’s possible we might miss out. We have reached out to Genesis for clarification and will update this post when we hear back.

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