Now two years old, Porsche’s first electric vehicle, the Taycan, has received numerous small changes as part of a 2022 model year update. Zuffenhausen has tweaked the car’s electric motor functionality, in-car connectivity and driver assistance systems to improve what was already one of the best EVs on sale today.

The hardware itself has not been changed, so the car is still offered in 408 PS Taycan, 530 PS Taycan 4S, 680 PS Taycan Turbo and 761 PS Taycan Turbo S variants. The operation of the electric motors, however, have been made more efficient – on the two-motor all-wheel drive models (4S, Turbo and Turbo S), the front motor is almost completely disconnected under partial throttle in the Normal and Range drive modes.

On all models, the drive motors are also shut off when coasting and at a standstill, further reducing power consumption. The new 2022 models won’t be homologated separately and thus will not have new WLTP-rated range numbers, but Porsche promises improved real-world range in day-to-day driving.

Also revised are the car’s thermal management and charging functions, with the Turbo Charging Planner able to heat the battery to a slightly higher temperature. As such, the Taycan can more quickly engage DC fast charging as soon as it is plugged in, and at a higher charge level at that, although the maximum charging power accepted is still limited to 270 kW (225 kW for the 4 and 4S models). The system also uses a greater amount of waste heat from the electric components to regulate battery temperature.

Other new features include a new remote parking assist, which enables the Taycan to park itself into a parallel or perpendicular space with the driver out of the car, using only the Porsche Connect smartphone app. The Porsche Communication Management (PCM) infotainment system has also been revamped, offering Android Auto connectivity (Apple CarPlay is already supported), better natural language voice control, quicker navigation route calculation and a mild interface redesign.

Porsche paint fans (followers of @ptsrs on Instagram will know what I’m talking about) will be pleased to know that the Taycan finally joins the Paint to Sample family, allowing customers to choose from an expanded range of colours – including the Rubystar Red you see here, one of the hero colours of the 964 911 Carrera RS. There’s also the Paint to Sample Plus option to colour-match your Taycan to whatever you see fit. All these changes also apply to the Taycan Cross Turismo wagon/crossover model.

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